Members of Rolling Thunder New Hampshire Chapter One salute the flag (left to right) front row: Bill Elkins, Joe Downing, John Dominicus; (back row) chapter president John Dion and Richard Caruso. Photo by Jeff Malet.

More than 1.3 million motorcyclist and more importantly veterans rallied at the steps of the Pentagon in Washington DC. for 32nd annual ride for freedom protest demonstration took place Sunday morning May 26th, 2019 in Washington DC.

With an estimated 1.3 MILLION protesters taking part in the demonstration ride, And another 3 to 5,000,000 spectators lined the streets of Washington DC in support of Rolling Thunder, and their mission to recover and identify all 93,000 prisoners of war and missing in action. Still unaccounted for to this day.

As we entered this year’s final demonstration ride, members of Rolling Thunder expected this year to be the end of an era, And the beginning of a new chapter. We expected to depart Washington DC for the final time.

President Donald Trump issued a tweet, that Rolling Thunder leaving Washington DC is not a good thing!

Trump Announces Rolling Thunder Leaving D.C. Not a Good THING !

shortly after president trump released his tweet Rolling Thunder national issued a statement.

“If [President Donald Trump] has anything to do with it, this will not be the last ride of Rolling Thunder,” Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie said to cheers at a Rolling Thunder rally at the Lincoln Memorial Sunday following the annual ride to the site from the Pentagon.

Tim Chambers Salutes the Rolling Thunder Protesters for the final time.

With an estimated 15 billion dollars spent in the greater Washington DC area over the Memorial Day weekend. Rolling Thunder definitely has a positive impact on The American economy in Washington DC .

As we prepare for our 33rd annual ride for freedom let’s take a moment and remember why Rolling Thunder converges on DC.

The United States government after all wars has knowingly, left prisoners of war, and missing in action soldiers behind on foreign grounds.

After doing so they have been abandoned by their government.

Rolling Thunder with 93 chapters has a single mission.  Publicizing and Educating  citizens on how the United States government left our great soldiers behind. Both alive and deceased.

We expect The United States Government to  retrieve our heroes alive or decease and bring them home  to be laid to rest.

To be given the proper respect of Military Funerals that these ladies and gentlemen have earned by giving our country the ultimate sacrifice of laying their lives down in support of our country .

DPAA’s $146.3 million budget for the current fiscal year was approved in late March, almost double what it was five years ago. Less than $6 million is allocated to the Europe-Mediterranean Directorate, under which the Europe Detachment falls, Brannigan said, though the office is expected to receive a portion of the $10 million that DPAA has set aside for partnership missions.

Along with a major organizational overhaul, the congressional mandate of 2010 called for what was then the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command to account for 200 personnel annually by 2015, with guidance “to encourage us to continue to increase that,” Kreitz said.

The agency is still short of that benchmark but its numbers are increasing. In 2016, DPAA accounted for 164 sets of remains, and in 2017, its first full fiscal year, the number rose to 183. Europe’s share last year was 31.

In the decade before the reorganization, DPAA was accounting for 71 to 74 personnel on average worldwide each year, Brannigan said.

Partnerships and technology

Divers search for remains of US Airman lost after being shot down in WWII

DPAA is increasingly leaning on partnerships with universities and outside researchers to accomplish its mission, Kreitz said.

Often, “we have done the research or the analysis and it’s simply they can come in and do the field operation for less money than we can,” he said of partner agencies, many of whom use volunteers or students to conduct fieldwork.

Three years ago, when DPAA first began leveraging partnerships in Europe, it worked with two outside agencies. Last year, there were 12 and the number continues to grow, contingent on funding.

Globally, DPAA has about 600 staffers and employs 150 contractors, Brannigan said. In Europe, the staff during the past year has grown from three to eight. The office is seeking to add two regional experts who speak Italian and French to facilitate access in southeastern Europe, Brannigan said.

Authorities across Europe are mostly accommodating to DPAA requests for access to land – public or private – “but there is also frequently a sense of amazement that we are still pursuing the recovery of bones from a 75-year-old conflict,” Brannigan said.

Also helping with identification efforts are technological advances in forensic science, Brannigan said, including the ability to sequence DNA and RNA molecules faster, cheaper and more effectively.

For example, chest radiograph comparison, a recent development pioneered in DPAA’s laboratory under one of its former agencies, allows scientists to identify remains with a collarbone, which is about as distinctive as fingerprints, Brannigan said.

Back to the drawing board

Of the more than 22,000 still missing across Europe, the Mediterranean and North Africa, about 8,000 are considered recoverable, Brannigan said. Most of the rest are deep-sea losses, he said.

It is very troubling to know that there are this many people that are very easily identifiable with current technology .

10,000 families who could finally have closure and lay their hero to rest with full military honors ,if only our government would spend the necessary resources in order to  process there remains .

after spending billions and trillions of dollars sending these boys and girls to war, they now lay unaccounted for because our government doesn’t PRIORITIZE SPENDING THE FUNDS  to identify them!!!!!

Yet we have billions of dollars available to spend on immigrants and drug addicts and other programs.

In this writer’s mind the order of precedence for services should be PRISONERS OF WAR, MISSING IN ACTION, VETERANS, AMERICANS IN NEED. Immigrants  should be at the BOTTOM OF THE LIST.

Instead our veterans, our heroes after their service are moved to the bottom of the list and forgotten.

This is an unfathomable disgrace carried out by our government .

I urge every person In America to make 1 phone call 1 email to their senators and congressmen. On a state and federal level to say we’ve had enough.

These heroes have suffered enough these families have suffered enough. Place our veterans before all others. Prioritize our veterans care and issues before Immigrants.   Allocate the money and bring our heroes home, identify our heroes and lay them to rest with full military honors and closure for their families.